Not bad for 30k..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EqtTrdr, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. vega


    And I thought the guys that had the broadcast of the live conference call had a big advantage over those of us just waiting for the report from the media outlets.

    I can't believe that this story isn't going to make a lot of noise. Having the info 2 weeks in advance ???????? That's insane.

  2. Bolts


    Interesting. I suppose that's not technically "front running" since he has no knowledge about specific trades that are going to take place.
  3. frayobe


    Very interesting. Unless he buys or sells futures right before the number comes out. Damn, it sure is nice to be the dean of Michigan. How do i apply?
  4. There was no secret about that they have the information 2 weeks in advance since it was a subscription.
    So you opened your eyes only now: you wait for medias to wake you up ?

    I said already in another post that some professionals institutions got the numbers before everybody of course the usual crackpots believers of "everything is beautiful in this wonderfull world" bursted into life to pretend that it was a plot theory whereas most information I said is published in medias : it's just that people only want to believe what they want to.

  5. I think the University of Michigan Consumer Survey is bullshit.

    It may move the forex market 20 to 40 points for a few minutes but at the same time there are 30 other news stories coming out that either negate the survey, balance it out to the contrary, or confirm it.

    It by itself does not move the prices of the currency majors enough for me to be concerned about so I don't even pay it any attention anymore.

    It gets down to your own determination of what is and is not going on in the market and the world as well as figuring out what is most likely to or not to happen based on many factors, manias and hysteria moves included.

    Right, Harry?