not attracted to old women at all

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  1. man.... i do NOT want to get old. i am not attracted to old women at all! (40+) i think i'm not going to ever get married and ending my life when i can't get attractive girls any more.

    F. P.
  2. Fruity....the only reason I believe there may be a God is that as we get older, for some unexplainable reason, older women look better to us than when we were young.

    Can' t explain it, but it's a fact. If it weren't, then your statement would make a lot of sense. Man, I remember when I was 25, I had a friend my age that was going out with a gal that was about 33 or 34. I couldn't believe he could be with someone that old. Now a bunch if years later, and Cindy Crawford and Claudia Shiffer don't look anything but perfect to me. And they are both in their 30's.
    Elle MacPerson ...40
    Elizabeth Hurley 38
    Rene Russo 49
    Meg Ryan & Sigourney Weaver both over 40
    Really, this could be an endless list.

    And I am pretty sure guys older than me still drool over:
    Bridget Bardot 60
    Sofia Lauren 70
    Jane Fonda 66

    The beat goes on!

    Peace (Piece)
  3. ok, at least you agree i somewhat have a point. i really do think i have a point. whatever philosophy says a man lives his life in pursuit of the best female he can get is what i believe to be true. pretty much everything i do is to give myself an edge over other males to help get the best female.

    i will definitely agree elizabeth hurley is still hot.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    however, she is rarity! most girls her age DO NOT look that good. most of them get way out of shape (huge ass, instant turn off for me), don't dress right any more, etc. if i ever get married, she better god damn stay in shape!! :mad: (i'm not being unfair, i will stay in shape, too.)

    FRuiTY the stud
  4. When you have to shit on wheel chair, even then you can find hundreds of 18 years old beautiful girls. Just travel to south east asia once, and you know what i mean.
  5. when i can't walk (or get a nice BIG erection), i'm done. goodbye, planet earth.

    tell me more about these south east asia girls.. i've never been there. i don't know about you, but beautiful 18 year olds sound good to me. :)

  6. Fruity...obviously you and I do not go to the same gym. What I see there are some very very fit women (and some that are very unfit, and making an effort, and will probably quit). But believe me, there are women well into their 40's who have bathing suit bodies and put most 20 year olds to shame. .

    BTW, I am going to Thailand on Sept. 7...I will report back :) But I have heard the same thing said many times. I was in SE Asia before, but I was in the wrong place the wrong time, and saw virtually no women at all, so it will be an interesting trip in September. Going to resorts. Should be some good sightseeing.

  7. DT-waw


  8. If you like blond, don't bother. If you like pam pam chicks in brown, then get your little poo poo to Thailand, before you
    get any older. Tell the cab driver you want to do Nana Noonoo
  9. RS,

    For once we agree. I guess these young guys are a little too inexperienced to handle a sophisticated woman.
  10. AAA....I think we agree on a lot of stuff. It's just the politics that come out and put us on different sides of that one fence..And even that is only sometimes (ok..most of the time, but not always. It isn't life....

    James Carville and Mary Matalin are fucking MARRIED to each other!!!!

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