Not all trading tools are software. Mirror is a valuable trading tool also!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by CFerret, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Today I asked my wife to give me small mirror women use and began to use it among my trading tools. With success! :)

    Some time ago I noticed that among my setups I recongize good looking bearish much worse than bullish, first always seem "not beautiful" and bad to me and I missed many good trades because of it.

    Now this problem is gone thanks to this small thing.

    Interesting, has anyone met similar psychological pehomenon in his/her trading?
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    Sometimes I trade using a mirror too...there's a nose surgery I adamantly feel I need and everytime I need a booster to make some money I look at the horrific sight of my current like a charm....I read about it in Michael Jackson's book.
  3. LOL! It's definately worth to look around, maybe many other things around us can be used to improve trading performance too, not only mirrors. :)
  4. CFerret, you sign some of your posts "Janis" (example) and here mention your wife. Having trouble picking an online persona and sticking with it? :)

    Don't worry, we've all been there, although, I must say, usually not involving gender identity as a variable.
  5. Answer is very easy: I am latvian by nationality and in Latvia (BTW, in Greece too, for example), Janis is male name. Just because of "J" it sounds like a female name in english, though actually pronounced as "Yanis".

    I never was an online freak trying to hide behind an online "alter-ego". :)
  6. but in your details I can read:
    Location - Russia
    Interests - Trading, travelling.
    Occupation - Psychologist, trader.
    So Russia or Latvia?
  7. infooo


    for crying out loud

    checking man's info and interrogating him

    will you people relax and let the nutcase tell his mirror story

    nutcase, I mean it affectionately :)
  8. LOL! I knew that conspiracy theory is one of the favourite subjects to discuss here at ET but never thought that everything is THAT BAD. :D

    What stops me from being a latvian and living in Russia? ;)
  9. Thanks a lot! Being a nutcase is much better than being an online freak with homosexual inclunations (no offence to homosexuals at all). :)

    But still, did anyone experience the same "miracle of the mirror" like me? It's a first mystical experience in my trading career (trying to play a role of a nutcase well). :)
  10. infooo


    screw the mirror

    tell us about life in Russia

    or as we distant brethren of russians say RUSIJA
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