Not all brits have lost their minds

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  1. Baroness Cox, a deputy speaker at the House of Lords

    A proposal by British academics to enforce a boycott of Israel is an outrageous and blatant violation of the most fundamental freedom of democracy, reminiscent of totalitarian regimes that could not tolerate freedom of speech, a British baroness said Sunday.

    In the interview, Baroness Cox, who has served as a deputy speaker at the House of Lords, censured the disturbing alliance between the Islamists and the Left in the UK.

    "This very unnatural alliance is part of the present ethos and culture of political correctness
    which some of the media defer to and which shapes the emotions and understandings behind the proposals for such a boycott," she said.

    Cox noted that in addition to quashing the right to free speech at institutions of higher learning, the proponents of the Israel boycott had the "extra dimension of bias and partiality."

    Cox conceded that years of asymmetric reporting on Israel have impacted the way the British public view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even as she noted a "growing malaise" about the BBC's anti-Israel reporting.

    The erudite Baroness of Queensbury, co-authored the book The West, Islam and Islamism: Is Ideological Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?

    Cox, who has called Islamic extremism the greatest threat posed to the Western world, said that it was "time to draw a line in the sand" now that the UK's fundamental freedoms and basic cultural heritage were at risk, and likened the current era to the infamous 1930's period of appeasement.

    "We have people in our midst who wish to use the freedoms of democracy to destroy our democracy and the very freedom it enshrines," she said.

    Cox cited British intelligence figures that 100,000 British Muslims believed that the July 7 bombings in London were justified, and that 1,600 identify with the bombers and were prepared to carry out such an attack again.

    "We have a very critical mass in our midst who do not support our political system, and a significant number of those are prepared to use violence to overthrow it," she said.

    A recent British public opinion poll indicating that 40 percent of Muslims youths in the UK want to live under Islamic law rather than British law

    Cox ...revealed that the British government had already made arrangements in certain communities to enact Islamic Law on social matters - a move she called extraordinarily naive at best and hopelessly disingenuous at worst.

    "Unless we realize that our fundamental freedoms are under threat, we could find ourselves in an irreversible situation," Cox said. "The question is, is it too late?"