Not AGAIN...Court of Appeals delays Calif. Recall

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  1. In a move reminiscent of the Florida Supreme Court's shameless rewriting of election law at the behest of Democrats, the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled the state's recall election should be postponed, a move desperately sought by lame duck Gov. Gray Davis. The ostensible reason for the delay was that punch card machines would produce too many errors, but those machines have been good enough for every other election in recent history. No, this was a blatantly political decision from a Circuit known for nutcase decisions.

    When it is reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court, as it inevitably will be, I suppose we will have to listen to another chorus from the left about the Court dancing to a republican tune.
  2. If the election is in March, Shwarzenegger is in big trouble. Time is not on his side. What an embarrassment for this state. The 5th or 6th largest economy in the world, and we can't hold a free election because of outdated ballot machines. Are we in sub sahara Africa now??
  3. The real sad thing is that we recall a governor after such a short time. A joke.
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    Wong Lee

    It doesn't take me long to drop a hot frying pan.

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    Huh? Davis has been Governor for five years!
  6. Could you imagine is this was a republican governor????all the conspiracy theorists would be running around and blaming GW.LOL!!!

    I agree with AAA though, too many judges are becoming involved in areas that they are supposed to stay out of...that was the crux of the Florida problem...even though our law stated that all votes had to be verified come hell or high water by a certain date, the Fl. supreme court over ruled that law...that's what is happening in california now.....they are deciding and in effect, MAKING POLICY and LAWS.....a judge is only supposed to interpret laws and enforce them.,,,Funny how the day after Bubba comes to cali. this happens
  7. The republicans could have challenged the voting machines in court before the last election to delay that election too.

    As Yoda would say, "Sore losers these neocons are."
  8. You will never have a perfect election. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous. I don't necessarily think the California recall law is good public policy, but dammit man, it's the law. It lays out a procedure and a timetable. There is no excuse for a federal court to interfere, particularly on the specious grounds they cited.

    I shudder to think what Davis will do if given an extra 6 months to pander to every leftwing activist group in the state.
  9. Yes, it is the law. Laws are overturned by the courts every day, aren't they?

    I for one am glad we have a system in which laws can be overturned by the courts, aren't you?

    I heard all the arguments about judicial impact during the 2000 election, and it still appears to me that we have a system of government that works, right? People thought our country was going to fall apart after the 2000 election, yet we roll along.

    When the Democrats scored a victory in the court, the Republicans went nuts, and vice versa. All people do is bitch when they lose.

    Really, this is all about politics, which is all about power and opinion of how to administer that power.....and our system of government is the finest available for the proper administration of power in a representative government.

    It just seems these days that the Republicans and Democrats are more like the Hatfields and McCoys, and often forget about what they are really fighting for.

    Just a bunch of winers and sore losers.
  10. No one is claiming this recall law is unconstitutional. It hasn't been overturned. The court just decided to appoint itself to rewrite the law in a manner that would best help Gov. Davis. That's the problem with judicial misconduct like the Florida Supreme Court engaged in in 2000. It lowers the bar and it becomes easier the next time around.

    Reduced to essentials, this court of Clinton appointees ruled that minorities are just too stupid to handle a ballot. Maybe the next step is having someone vote for them, which is not all that far from what they were arguing in Florida.

    I have as much respect for the courts as I do for the referees in the WWE. At least the referees stay out of the way.
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