Not able to send chat or e-mail support messages to IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ET180, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. ET180


    Been getting this message for the past 5 days when I click on Support -> chat or secure message / e-mail. Anyone else getting this or maybe they don't want to hear from me.

  2. def

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    Didn't see your post till now but I just tested chats and email and all is fine. Also confirmed plenty of tickets and chats are coming in from around the world. Are you using the client portal or can you try again?
  3. Same happening to me although the error message is different:

    "Trader Workstation is unable to communicate with the web site you are trying to access"

    Going to selfishly throw my question for support in here as well in case someone knows the there any way through the API, website, or otherwise to get upcoming stock splits?
  4. ET180


    Just works now.
  5. def

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    Website/TWS - yes
    API - should be coming via the client portal API which is in beta (I need to check though) as it will offer most of the same functionalities we offer via the client portal.

    In the meantime you can look at our Event Calendars. Details:

    TWS in Event Calendar:
    In TWS Mosaic click on New Window Event Calendar (under Information System).
    In Classic TWS click on Analytical Tools Event Calendar (under Fundamentals).

    Within the Event calendar, you can filter by using the company stock symbol and select corporate actions then check the box Splits. You can also filter by using Watchlist, Portfolio, recently held companies and competitor.

    For details with an in depth explanation and graphical examples check see this page:
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  6. Thanks for the help as always, def. I really need something that I can either scrape or pull via API, so good to know it's coming. For now I'll tinker with the TWS and see if maybe I can get an automated export of the calendar going or something. Thanks again.