Not able to log into IB trader workstation in Windows 7 64bit

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by excite, Jul 5, 2011.

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    First of all, I am aware of the problems of trader workstation with Windows 7 64bit, and I checked the posts in this forum,

    I strictly follow the following steps:
    - uninstall previous Java, restart
    - install 32-bit Java (update 26), restart
    - install 64-bit Java ((update 26)), restart
    - install TWS (standalone)

    when I tried to log in, the trader workstation freezes when "initializing environment"

    I then tried the browser based logins, but got the following error:
    "there was an error while downloading necessary files"

    I also tried to log in the Webtrader, but it keeps "loading" after entering into the web interface.

    So frustrated, please can anyone five me some ideas.
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    To address " freezes when "initializing environment":

    The settings folder could be corrupted which could be the one local to your computer or on our server. Try the following:

    Rename the existing Jts folder to something else eg. Jts_old.

    - Launch the Browser Base TWS, and make sure the Setting Directory is Jts (Jts should be a new empty folder as the old one has been renamed)
    - UNCHECK “User/store setting on server” in TWS login window, to avoid loading the settings file on our server which could be corrupted.

    Follow above and hopefully you won't get stuck at "initializing environment”

    Also when exiting the TWS, try clicking File >> Exit, rather than click on the “X” on top right of TWS.

    To address:
    "there was an error while downloading necessary files"

    This is usually due to corrupt application files in the Java application cache. You will need to clear the cache by following below instructions in order to able to launch the Browser based TWS

    1 Click on the Start button (Windows logo in Vista/7) in the lower left hand corner of your screen
    2 Click on Control Panel
    3 Double-click on the Java icon
    4 In the General tab click on the Settings button in the Temporary Internet files section
    5 On the next screen click on the Delete files button on the left
    6 Confirm and close the windows by clicking 3 times on OK.
    7 Start the web-browser based TWS as usual

    Assuming the above works, save settings and then go with either the standalone or browser based TWS the next time you login.

    Hope this helps.
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    How long before this is going to be corrected?

    I was looking at going to IB, but if they can't get their software to work, then that wouldn't be a viable solution.
  5. I've had no problems running TWS (the web (JNLP) version, I haven't tried the standalone version) on Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit.

    If you think that's an option for you - Server 2008R2 gives you all the benefits of Windows 7 except for the desktop look and feel, which is more spartan - you can download a 6-month trial version free from Microsoft.