Not a "Who is better" political thread, but why is Obama.....

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  1. the seemingly favorite candidate amongst the "famous" wealthy people? Hollywood people, Television people, etc.

    I would think that "those of means" would tend to side with a more "conservative" mindset....taxes, capital gains, dependence on one's own abilities, self-reliance, etc.

    I really don't want this to get ugly, but it does strike me as odd.


  2. Ialwayslear,

    Why do Warren Buffet and Bill Gates give almost all their money away to good deeds?
    What use do you have for billions when you are living your last few years, or what use is power over others then?
    When you understand that - you understand your question. (about power)
  3. Thank you. I thought about that angle and it does make sense. What about the "young", famous, and affluent types?
  4. Individuals, groups and society get polarized - some take sides, others go for insight - yet others are easily swayed and amassed. When you start committing to some knowledge - then your instincts are to keep building on that knowledge, connect the dots and flesh it out - so that the knowledge becomes strong, has integrity. That does not mean that the knowledge is "correct" in the first place - or even consistent with reality. Many ideologies and political radicals are examples of this - and these formations/structures of ideas are the results of group interactions, self-preservation and growth mechanisms as well as the processing of information.

    Read what Matt Lablash of the neo-conservative rag The Weekly Standard said about "freedom" and "objectivity"... (Stephen J. Hayes became part of CNN's team with Wolf Blitzer last week)

    Then you understand the other extreme - those who are not about individual freedom, but the domination of others for their own gain. For neo-conservatism - you'd need to see the Kristol family with the wife's interest in social darwinism, the Victorian period with "new imperialism" and Benjamin Disraeli... a different type of "conservatism".
  5. Gringinho,

    That is really a good post.
  6. Why do all the blacks support Obama?

    Are white voters more open minded , less prejudice. open to race.
  7. I will post two links. Make your own assumptions. If you wish to share your view afterwards, please do.

    Number 1:'s_Use_of_Hidden_Hypnosis_techniques_in_His_Speeches.pdf

    Number 2:
    (I don't know how to post the Howard Stearn link concerning the guy who went to Harlem and asked people why they supported Obama and replaced Obama's views with McCain's and how they all agreed. Someone please post it. It is rather interesting)

  8. Thank you for contributing so much!

  9. Oh, they've supporting white men since they could vote.

    I'd say that's pretty open minded, LOL.
  10. Touche!
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