Not a single new car was sold in the United States last week.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Debaser82, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Well that is obviously bullshit. Particularly because I bought a Toyota RAV4 last Friday.
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    Somehow I think there is an outside chance that may have been possible. Car lots are graveyards right now. Car loans are tough to get. So many factors just lining up against the car dealers right now, but will be nice to get rid of some, seems like there are way too many out there.
  3. You may have saved the US auto industry
  4. The story was that on one particular DAY no car was sold... average daily sales of new cars, 40,000.
  5. The government's solution would be to add a transaction tax for the consumer to pay for each buy and sell of an auto. They would claim it would prevent wild swings in the auto industry like they claim reintroducing a transaction tax on stocks would prevent sell-offs.

    Gotta make the auto industry and Wall Street pay via the people.
  6. If you believe someone named "debaser" who then backs up his insane second hand claim by posting something about gold then you shouldn't be trading..

    As if there is some huge central database that every car dealer in the US inputs their sales for the day in and then its updated everyday...riiiiight.
  7. This wouldn't surprise me if one day nothing was sold. Look at the bloomberg posting about Volvo truck sales falling from 44000 in 1st quarter to 155 in end quarter.
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    If only it had been a Thursday, it would have made all the difference!
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