not a bad way to spend 10k

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  1. actually this is a bargain.. ive seen losers in Vegas, NYC.. spend WAY more for alot less.

    its VIP tickets to a party at the playboy mansion.


    AND NO.. im not the seller or advertising this.. was just browsing ebay for the the original playboy issue #1 that sells for about 10k that I saw on Pawn Stars on the history channel and came across this!!

    edit* i checked the website and apparently a regular ticket is 1k
  2. Damn... well if your pockets are deep enough...
  3. jsmooth


    WTF....You can attend a party at the playboy mansion for $1k/ticket? you got a link for that?

    Party at the Playboy mansion; or risk that cash trading Mid East Oil futures at 2AM?!?!?!....the hell with trading.
  4. Playboy is such a poorly manage brand. Playboy Mansion used to be an invite-only party where all the celebrities would go and hang out. Nowadays, it just turned into an expensive strip club.

    Seriously, the Playboy brand is so bad, that I don't want to associate myself with it.


    the brand is shit.. i agree but the bitches are still hot
  6. r-in


    Definitely better things and places to spend $10 grand. My guess is a lot of rich losers show up.