NOT 1 attack on july 4

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  1. A note to all you funny looking dudes who want to kill americans.
    WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU NOW. I know it wont happen because now you cant sneak around to kill our brothers.. because now we know you. god bless America, baseball, budweiser and bikini's
  2. You're over the line!!! This is not nam; there are RULES here!!!


    Am I right about your handle?

    Fortunately I think most of the would-be annoyances are either being watched 24-7, or are caged up with all the other animals at the trendy and posh camp X-ray.
  3. I am right behind you OvertheLine. I will be drinking Bud's looking for bikinis and waiting to fire at will at any sucker who tries to wreck the USA's birthday party!
  4. Ill be wearing camoflage looking for them
  5. Don't forget - the ringer can't look empty.

    I'll grab one of 'em and beat it out of him.
  6. Amen brother! Me and my budweiser will be on the beach where there are plenty of bikinis....


  7. actually I hope they try something but get busted before they do it. That would demoralize them.
  8. Bring it on you terrorist M*$&^#&*@ers!
  9. Pound


    This post is starting to sound like a trailer trash bonanza. Heeeeeeeeee Haaaawwwww! Go get 'em, bo and luke!

    y'all come back now, hear'?
  10. chisox

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    pound boy, there aint nothing trailor trash about a little lashing out on these f&^%s.
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