Norton is trash, Avast is trash, they are all trash, Except Kaspersky, found FLAME vi

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    Forget Russia of the 80s and 90s

    Today modern day Moscow is producing legit high quality programmers. And a bunch of them got together and started Kaspersky Labs

    the reviews are off the chart, and I personally vouch for their software having been using them for 6 months. My security needs are more sophisticated and the moment I opened Kaspersky Antivirus options and setting, I realized these guys are THE sh!t, as in best.

    And don't take my word for it, Kaspersky guys are the first ones who discovered the most dangerous virus on the planet, FLAME

    They are now in the news, keep in mind this stuff was flying by Norton, Avast and others with impunity.

    The virus was discovered by a Russian security company that specialises in malicious computer code. It made the 20 gigabyte virus available to other researchers yesterday (Monday), claiming that it did not fully understand its scope and said its code was 100 times the size of the most malicious software.

    Kaspersky Labs said the program appeared to have been released five years ago and had infected machines in Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. "If Flame went on undiscovered for five years, the only logical conclusion is that there are other operations ongoing that we don't know about," Roel Schouwenberg, a Kaspersky security senior researcher, said.
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    If you don't want to pay for Kaspersky Antivirus after 30 days trial.

    I found a simple way to run Kaspersky without paying them.

    You need a new email every 30 days

    Here is what you can do.

    Image your PC onto DVDs, so that you can restore everything in 20 minutes.

    But you need to do this before installing kaspersky. After 30 days pass, backup files you need, restore your PC with DVDs and install kaspersky again with different email.

    You now have it free for 30 more days.

    This will take you 30 min, though next time I'll just pay them, too much work.
  3. What do you work for Kaspersky? Seems to me your trying to make a commercial out of your posts. Avast is just fine. I have tried Kaspersky and it's nothing to write home about.
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    I just disclosed a simple way to run Kaspersky without paying them.

    Do you still think I work for them? I think you are not impressed with Kaspersky because you are an average user with very basic security needs.

    You'll change your mind when you open few brokerage accounts :cool:
  5. I have 3 Brokerage accts now, how many do I need before I change my mind??????:confused: :confused:
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    Lets be frank with each other.
    In the news right now, I saw that Kaspersky guys caught a very serous virri that slipped by Avast and 100s of others.
    And you are trying to say that Avast is fine.

    No it is not fine. You fail in your argument.
  7. Yea, they caught it 5 years later and now that they know about it so do all the other AV's ...cmon guy catch a clue!
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    I am free for the next hour, and I'll gladly display your idiocy here.

    Kaspersky found it 5 years late.

    Avast found it NEVER
    Norton found it NEVER

    Others found it NEVER

    OK your turn genius :D
  9. I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E
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    So being logically and informatively BEATEN

    You now throw as defense a word "imbecile"


    Lets keep this going, who knows maybe soon we will find out that you are not even a trader.
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