Norton is Expiring, Should I Renew

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by oldtime, May 19, 2012.

  1. I bought a laptop a year ago and installed Norton. I got a msg it is expiring and it is $50 to renew. Is that a good idea?
  2. Mine expired many weeks ago, but I haven't renewed yet. I have become adept at avoiding computer viruses by now, which I learned mostly came from clicking on pictures of naked women and visiting certain questionable websites.
  3. isn't the free stuff from microsoft good enough?
  4. lwlee


    Too many fine free options to pay for Norton.

    MSFT Security Essentials

    Many more. I don't get how Norton makes money off of its virus software.
  5. Norton is trash.
  6. I think it is good enough for me & about 3/4 of the porn-loving traders I support... on some level there is no AV fix for stupidity...
  7. if I don't renew Norton, do I need to uninstall it to run other free AV or just use microsoft default?
  8. jokepie


    yes dont keep two AV on comp. EVER...its like cops who cant figure out jurisdiction while the crook gets away,,!!
  9. Tom B

    Tom B

    If you want to keep Norton, you can usually find it for free after rebate. Here is a promotion at
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