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  1. Is this some kind of low down dirty trick?

    I started deleting the software from symantec this morning, at about 10 am.
    It's 3:45 pm now and the program is still being deleted.

    I wonder if it will ever finish? Anyway, I plan to hold on until at least tomorrow if I have to.

    Any help would be appreciated from someone who has actually tried what I am doing.
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    You need to cancel the delete and start again. It should not take more than a few minutes.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Have you ever had this problem? The site that I used to help me said it takes a long time.
  4. Start it over again. In the meantime, look online and there will probably be an uninstaller .exe program or a Norton Removal Tool to remove all traces of the software. In fact, I can guarantee that there is. Practically all anti-virus software out has one. Hopefully that helps.
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    Some versions of Norton have an Uninstall option built in, which you may have to access via Start ... All Programs ... Norton ... Uninstall. If it does not have the Uninstall option, you can remove it by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Also look for a separate Live Update (Symantec) listing, as I had to remove this one separately using the Add/Remove option.
  6. Lots of times this isn't possible(it doesn't show up or is missing) and add/rem doesn't completely get rid of all traces of the software. It's best to use the removal tool.
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    Slightly off-topic here, I deleted Norton Anti-Virus 2006 off my system several days ago (it took about 5 mins, BTW). I had continuous problems with CCEVTMGR and SPBBCSVC processes taking up to 90 % of my CPU at times, forcing a daily reboot of my machine.

    I belong to Cablevision in NY, and I downloaded their anti-virus and Spyware software for free. It installed beautifully, and works like a charm. The software is written by CA (Computer Associates). I highly recommend it. Norton Antivirus is total crap, IMO.
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    If I recall correctly you need to reboot after deleting Norton and Live Update. When you reboot it will appear that Norton is still there. Rebooting a second time will solve the problem. At least this is how I solved the problem.
  9. google it. Norton has several files that can only be deleted manually.
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    This is not true.
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