Norton could be datamining your computer

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by W4rl0ck, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Norton 360 slows everything. Anybody have recommdendations for firewall, anti-vrus software combo that doesn't hog memory?
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    Lots of threads on this topic. Last year I took Paulxx's advice in this one and ditched McAfee for Avira. Used it for a few months on one of the family computers before installing on the main trading rig. Smaller footprint - been working like a champ (after installing the anti-pop-up fix).

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    I currently use Avast, but I'm looking to change also. It doesn't hog many resources on my computer, but every day it announces "virus database hase been updated" which I find uber annoying.

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    I use Microsoft's free windows Defender antivirus and go through a router with firewall on. Then I use Computer Associates CA Anti-virus.

    I've also used the free COMODO firewall and anti-virus that is supposed to be rated high. I just didn't like the firewall asking to OK the first time use of every program.

  7. I dug a big pit in my backyard and threw my PC in. Good luck infecting me!!!!
  8. Hey bellman. If you right click on the tray icon and go to program settings. Under the Update(Basic) then details you have control on the popups etc. Makes avast silent and disables the update sliding box.
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    You really shouldn't be running Antivirus and Firewall programs on your trading computer anyways, as it slows things down and many trading applications quite often choke on these types of programs. A hardware firewall (usually included in most routers these days) is always superior in terms of speed and performance than most software firewalls, and I personally prefer to browse the internet with a browser in a dedicated virtual machine instead of relying on poor Antivirus software, which never seems to work anyways -- that way if the virtual machine gets infected with malicious code, you just blow it out and install a new one or just roll it back from a snapshot.

    If you do insist on running antivirus software I personally would only recommend doing it on a non-trading related computer.
  10. ESET NOD32 comes highly recommended.

    Not having a good anti-virus program is like leaving the front door to your home open ... unfortunately there are plenty of folks who would just love to come in!
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