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  1. Some months ago I bought an IBM computer with Norton factory installed. The subscription expired and everyday I get a renew popup message to renew.

    I've checked everything about this program in my computer and at Norton's company website to cancel this popup to no avail.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Uninstall the program. If you're not going to renew the subscription there is no point having it on your system.

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    maybe he want use program as is(i mean with he's last virus definitions update)
    symatec -major pain in ass btw...don' buy 04. it can only been installed on single computer and no more than 5 times as far as i know..
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    The advantage to keeping is that it affords some protection up to the point of the last virus defintion update, which covers most viruses.

    There's a setting in options>other>miscellaneous>what to do when virus protection is out of date, where you can untick "alert me on startup if protection is out of date". See if you have that, or better yet, get the subscription renewal for further protection.
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    you may also try this-
    go to start->run->type msconfig->startup->look for something norton related and uncheck that box. this may prevent program to activate after computer boot
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  7. i second that..
  8. There are a couple files that the uninstaller won't uninstall.
    Check the Symantec website to find out how to remove Norton. (The same procedure applies for a Norton upgrade-existing Norton must be uninstalled first.)
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    If you install zone alarm (free) you can have it block all communication with norton symantec.
  10. There has been recently a security alert on norton antivirus (this month on french zdnet if I remember well, it should be also on us equivalent) that there is a security hole that allows to execute any code on your machine, of course symantec pretends that noboby reported having exploited this hole :D.
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