Northwestern University had LIVE sex show for students on table, prof taking notes

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    A Northwestern University professor concluded a discussion of bondage and other sexual fetishes in his human sexuality class by having a woman take off all her clothes, climb on stage and graphically demonstrate the use of a sex toy, the school has acknowledged.

    The demonstration took place Feb. 21 at the conclusion of psychology professor John Michael Bailey's class on human sexuality. According to guest lecturer Ken Melvoin-Berg, after the students were told that a couple would take part in a demonstration involving a sex toy

    This is stupid
    Chinese are studying math and science. Indians getting into engineering and med schools.

    In US it's all about banging women and getting BS diplomas. I hate this nonchalant approach to education.

    This isn't a game. This is life, when they get debt and BS diploma then what
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    This thread is worthless without pics:D
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    I hate to go all puffy on you for just being funny but these kind of things only happen in society that's about to collapse due to degradation of all kinds, political, economic, educational etc

    Nation is only strong if minds of populace are strong. American student minds are MUSH SMUSH :(
  4. lucky students.

  5. Im not necessarily disagreeing with your main point. (this is wrong, degradation, moral collapse, etc) but this class is probably 1/6 of what those students are studying this semester. these same kids are more than likely taking the courses on economics, finance, international politics, etc. Northwestern isnt exactly community college.
  6. this is a class that can count towards one of your freshman requirement classes- it was known as a complete blow-off course when i was there, much like i'd assume most required freshman courses at most universities/colleges around the country are. i think we should do away with those req's and just allow people to progress towards whichever major they want without demanding they take a bunch of worthless classes at something like 4k/class at NU nowadays.

    hell as an econ major i had to sit through:

    sex in the city (how your race, sex and sexual orientation affect your experiences in the city)
    the internet and you
    some freshman writing seminar i forget which
    intro to biology
    intro to music
    another intro class that dealt with classic literature / epic writings from the persian and older time periods
    bioethics (this was the most absurd we had to write an essay where they tried to put you into a morale dilemma between choosing something illegal or legal, i wrote my paper saying one choice was illegal so it was an easy choice to not want to go to jail and got a C saying the legality of the decisions was not pertinent)

    all of those courses were a 100% waste of my time and money, period- others were so worthless i can't even remember them.
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  8. 1) Do you attend Brigham Young, Wheaton College(IL) or any school that has an "honor code" or "pledge"? :confused:
    2) How many schools in China and India are "better" than Northwestern? :p
    3) If you can't have some "fun" in college, you never will later on. :(
  9. Do you think the midterms will be written or oral?
  10. This is the beauty that put on the show. Man, so pissed I missed that. (sarcasm)

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