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    For Immediate Release:

    Northwestern Continuing School of Education for Futures and Options Trading to offer Chicago-based global trading solution Zen-Fire

    Prestigious school for professionals enhances educational learning experiences for students.

    Chicago, IL - October 28, 2009- The Northwestern Continuing School of Education for Futures and Options Trading announced today incoming students will be able to learn trading on Zen-Fire .The powerful retail trading solution was founded by a local Chicago company and is available at over 23 brokerage firms worldwide.

    “When people seek education from Northwestern, they seek the best and we need to offer the best,“ notes David Mercurio, Head of The Northwestern Continuing School of Education for Futures and Options Trading. “The Zen-Fire solution is highly regarded in the global trading community; our professional students appreciate learning with cutting- edge technology.”

    Continuing education studies are for those wishing to learn about commodity futures, commodity options, financial futures, financial options, and electronic trading. Courses are designed for active traders as well as those new to the field. Certificates are also available through the program.

    “Zen-Fire represents the greatest of all components involved in a well executed trade: transparency, speed and reliability,” mentions Pat Shaughnessy, Principal of Zen-Fire. “Our team has worked hard to offer the best technical resource for the trading community and we are more than happy to share it with Northwestern University.”

    All courses provide excellent opportunities for participants to broaden knowledge and skills involving a range of futures and options market aspects. Instructors emphasize theoretical as well as practical trading perspectives. Many courses feature real-life trading resources from former floor traders, current electronic traders and Trader Kingdom educators.

    Eliot Wickersheimer, Board member for The Northwestern Continuing School of Education for Futures and Options Trading and Principal of Mirus Futures offers “Zen-Fire was tested at Mirus Futures years ago and is well received by all levels of traders worldwide.” Furthermore, “"Zen-Fire offers brokerage firms like Mirus a competitive advantage with accelerated trade execution and unfiltered data.",” he adds.

    “Jeff Quinto, a former CME member, past President of Rand Financial and, now, teaching Electronic Trading in Northwestern's program says, "I am pleased that Northwestern has chosen Ninja with Zen-Fire as their exclusive trading software. I want my students to use the best trading software available. Ninja with Zen-Fire allows them to focus on executing their trading plans, not struggling with software. Zen-Fire is fast, reliable and sets the bar where it should be for students learning about futures and options trading."

    About Mirus Futures Zen-Fire and Trader Kingdom
    Mirus Futures is the leading provider of commodity trading brokerage services. As the first full-service firm to launch the Zen-Fire network, Mirus has been able to revolutionize the trading experience for all their clients. By coupling Zen-Fire with the NinjaTrader platform, the ultimate trading solution was created. Serving the world-wide trading community for Mirus became that much easier.

    Zen-Fire provides the speed, reliability, and unfiltered tick data necessary to compete in the futures markets. From basic order entry tickets to fully licensed Depth of Market (DOM) trading screens, Zen-Fire provides screen based traders access to the same high-speed market data and order routing used by professional firms and institutions world-wide.

    Trader Kingdom is an online education resource for all things trading. Explore the extensive library available on the site to improve trading techniques, enhance your trading research, and further your trading education. Trader Kingdom is proud to bring you the best and brightest minds in the trading industry.

    About Northwestern University Continuing Studies Programs
    Northwestern University is a preeminent university recognized internationally as a hallmark of academic excellence. School of Continuing Studies programs provide students with exceptional opportunities for intellectual, professional and personal growth. SCS instructors bring outstanding academic credentials and relevant professional experience to the classroom to create a highly interactive, collaborative, and challenging learning environment. SCS students study with peers who have rich, diverse backgrounds and can provide lifelong learning connections.

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  2. Karen,
    When will ZenFire be able to offer 90+ days of historic data for us swing traders?
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    NinjaTrader stores the ZF data as a courtesy to its users. Though they have more than 90 days of data, NT 6.5 makes it difficult to view. NT 7 does a much better job of making the data easy to access.
    Do currently trade on Zen-Fire?
    Shoot me an email at if you have any other questions.
    Karen Bertoli
  4. RedDuke



    Any chance to offer KSE feed for KOSPI futures.

  5. No I don't because I'm primarily a Swing Trader. When I can get stability of longer term data, I'll test it.
    Thanks for the responce.
  6. PPT


    I was very dissapointed with ninja trader. maybe it was just me. maybe not.
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    Hi there:

    I'm sorry to hear about your dissappointment and would love to connect you with a support representative.

    Please let me know the best email to connect with you and we'll figure it out or email me here at

    All the best,

    Karen Bertoli
  8. When is the new Ninja 7.0 version coming out.....?

    .........we are waiting impatiently !
  9. RedDuke


    The Beta is already out. I would say probably by end of Q1, 2010.
  10. Who is doing the beta testing?
    #10     Nov 2, 2009