Northwest traders?

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  1. helix


    Hi fellow traders,

    I have been trading on and off for some time and paid my dues to the market. I hope I've learned what not to do. Recently I’ve decided to put serious effort into it. Right now, I don’t have enough income from my trading but my goal is to eventually work on it full time and quit my full-time job. I would like to meet people who are serious about trading as well and for whom this is not just a hobby or gambling, who are serious about risk management, discipline, have realistic expectations, and ready to adapt to ever changing markets.

    About me: I am a software developer with 15+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies C#, .Net etc. I am using Interactive Brokers right now and developing my custom software for it. I am mainly focusing on futures at this time but tried pretty much every liquid instrument like stocks, ETFs, options, volatility, currencies, bonds etc.

    PM me for more details or quick meet around Seattle area. Coffee is on me :)
  2. Robert Morse

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    If you ever want an alternative to IB, we can offer access to US Listed Equity, Options and Futures (No options on futures or VX) on Realtick. The Realtick API can support C++, and FIX.
    We introduce to Wedbush Securities for equities options and Wedbush Futures for futures. As of now, we do not offer universal accounts, but if you want to look into our offering, send me an email.

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    If that's your Bugatti Veyron in the photo, people will probably be expecting at least an Irish coffee ... :sneaky:
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    Just motivational picture :) and if you look closely this is Bugatti Chiron not Veyron
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    I did wonder which, even as I said it ... that's even more motivating. And welcome to the ET forum. :)
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    Thank you
  7. mukoh


    Seattle here myself. Due north that is. Mainly options and writing options around positions.
  8. Do the same and more from Edmonds, WA.
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  9. any California traders near Sacramento?