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    Gonna be moving to the Ponte Vedra area of Florida. Any of you from this part of FL?

    I'll have an office at home, but am wanting to trade from an office, and will be looking into some options.
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    No one live here?
  3. Unfortunately, there appears to be very few real-traders who monitor these boards and probably even fewer in Florida. See my feeble attempt below:

    I would put your chances of locating other real traders in the area as somewhere between Slim to None ... and as they say "Slim just left town". This web-site is really just for entertainment purposes but it does a fine job at that! Good luck.
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    Agreed. And sadly, et is just pure entertainment these days.
  5. I am in Orlando, Slave2Market is in Tampa, you are up around Jacksonville. We are a little too dispersed.
  6. @HiggsBoson I am right on your doorstep. What side of town are you on?
  7. East side. Right by UCF.
  8. Same here! Right by Lockwood! Small world :cool:

    What instrument do you trade? Experience etc. Regardless, a meetup at some point sounds good @HiggsBoson
  9. OT but I went to Florida Tech University in 1976-77 before transferring to UF in Gainesville. It's still strange to me to hear it called University of Central Florida now.

    FTU/UCF was a nice little univ back then. Heck, Orlando was a lot smaller... Still remember Church Street Station, tho.

    Good trading to all.
  10. Wow! You're a real old timer and must have some pretty interesting stories. I met a gentleman a few months ago who had bought about 10 acres on Rouse Road (by University Blvd) 15 years ago for $70k. He said all there was there at that time were cows and agricultural fields and that University Blvd was a single lane. He sold that piece of land a short while ago for $1.4 million. Now that's not a bad return!!! :cool:
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