Northern Calif. Free workshop/dinner.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. OK, as promised, I'm planning a trip to the Bay Area. I'm thinking Feb 4-8 in that range. Other dates?

    Maybe 2 events...City? Marin? East Bay? South Bay?

    Venue? Reasonable dinner/drinks/meeting room for 60-75 people.

    I'm open to suggestions, either here or PM. I know I had some good ideas before, but I think I deleted them.

    Thanks for the help...the 2007 events seemed to be very well received and enjoyed. Education, technology, and most important, inter action (which was the theme at our Retreat over the last weekend.....

    From previous: (Just to get an idea, we'll have much more this year).

  2. MGJ


    Dare to innovate. Choose fresh new places, spots that have never hosted a Jake Bernstein seminar or a Ken Roberts training session. Many an unimaginative dolt has held meetings at the Cupertino Inn or the Airport Hilton. Stand above the crowd, be different.

    North: Novato
    East: Livermore
    South: Morgan Hill
    West: Moss Landing
  3. Always nice to hear from my supporters, thanks for the input.

    Don :p
  4. LOL! Is that cowboy hat wearing Ken Roberts still selling his "wisdom"?
  5. When I read Jack Swagner's Market of the wizards actually said that it was Ken Roberts flier that got him interested in the markets. He does not say if attended this seminars nor he endorses him or his trading but it's mentioned in the book. I remember getting his mailings back I was in college...circa 1995-96. I wonder whatever happened to that fellow.
  6. ShawnS


    Hey Don,

    Any updates on this?
  7. Now that everyone should be back from vacations etc., I will get back on track.

    I need to start a list of attendees, so please send an email to: with NoCal in the subjec line.

    February time frame.