Northeast may see long gas lines for a week and...

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  1. Obama's photo op for his campaign is over, so too bad... back to the campaign trail.

    Northeast may see long gas lines for a week

    Long gas lines and short tempers make for a volatile mix in New Jersey

    Yonkers rations gas; lines, fistfights, gouging reported around Hudson Valley

    No relief in N.J. to long gas lines; mass power outages likely to continue for days

    Gas lines get longer at some Pocono stations

    Long Gas Lines Continue to Plague NYC after Hurricane Sandy




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    Time to get out the old scratched vinyl for a spin.
  3. Precisely the reason I don't have a generator.

    It's not a problem of electricity directly that's the problem, it's the lack of available fuel to operate a generator.

    Since I live within city limits I can"t have my own gas tank.
  4. People rioting, fighting, a complete breakdown in society. All because Obama would rather campaign than do his job. He should be out there pumping gas and moving downed trees. That's what the MSM would be saying if he was a repub. How many people will die this weekend because Obama is putting politics first?
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    I'm sure it's for your own good. Aren't all regulations?
  6. Right because trying to store it otherwise would be so much safer than one underground made for that purpose.
  7. Why not get one that is hooked up to the nat gas line, provided you have nat gas?
  8. Those gas lines and the anxious questions to the on scene reporters if they had seen evidence of "price gouging" made me chuckle.

    What is price gouging anyway and why is it so bad? People instinctively despise it because they think someone is taking advantage of a situation to make a windfall profit. But what about waiting in an hour and a half line? Isn't there a cost associated with that too? And for many, isn't it a lot more than the cost of paying extra for gas?

    We learn in Econ 101 that price is the most efficient allocator of scare resources. It's the basic reason why capitalism is so much more efficient than communism or socialism. Communism relied on government apparatchiks allocating resources. The end result was bare shelves and long lines. Which brings us to Long Island...

    The government's rational response to a tragedy like Sandy should be to encourage retailers to charge whatever they want. Then they have an incentive to stock up ahead of crises. If gouging is prohibited in a fit of misguided populism, why should retailers do anything? Why risk getting shot to make a small profit? Just save the last gas for friends and family. Why take the risk of laying in extra inventory?

    Some retailers would charge normal prices to please customers, who will have to wait on line to get that reward. Others would charge a market-clearing price and service those who value their time and sanity more than a few bucks a gallon. Let the market sort it out and see who's right.

    Of course, that will never fly with the same people who think rent control is a rational way to deal with a housing shortage and minimum wage laws do not affect employment.
  9. 1) As far as i know usually that type system is used to supply all of the electricity for the home under normal conditions and is very expensive compared to a portable generator.

    2) Might make sense if my cars also ran on nat gas.

    There's no substitute for your own gas tank. for generator and cars.

    hell i know one guy that has one of those old ones that works by pumping it up into a cylinder and drains by gravity , no electricity needed at all.
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    That's sad that you can't have a gas tank. I store gas in 5 gal containers x 10 of them for my generators. Once a month I refuel the cars with the gas, then refuel the containers. Best thing if you decide to store them is keep them in a cool dry place, and vent them weekly. I can't have a gas tank either which pisses me off! Wish I still lived in the country when it comes to stuff like this. Storing 10 five gallon gasoline cans makes me nervous when a gas tank kept out of sight would be MUCH safer vs what I have now.:(
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