north miami florida

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cmz1, Feb 17, 2004.

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    what prop firms have offices in this area
  2. barkley trading in hallandale, bright in miami beach, generic on brickell
  3. cmz1


    what's your opinion on these firms.
  4. search, read what people have to say on elite about them.
    it all depends on your level of experience, whether u trade naz or nyse, and what kind of arrangement u need.
  5. cmz1


    a desk some leverage and reasonable commissions
  6. barkley is big on high volume naz trading, bright is looking for experienced traders willing to put up at least 25k, generic i'm not sure because this is a brand new office.
  7. generic/carlin office still open in Aventura? Heartland (Trillium) Shoney also mid beach.
  8. GSCO