North Mali Prepares for War: Guardian

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    Oumar Cissé, 42, was a motorbike mechanic in Douanza – a town in the Mopti region currently controlled by the Mujao – when Islamists, including people he grew up with, began terrorising the local people.

    "Ordinary people I have known all my life, who I used to sit down and drink tea with, joined the Islamists and killed their own neighbours," said Cissé. "I cannot join them – I just want to live a normal life and educate my children. I fled here with my two wives and 11 children."

    Cissé, a Bella – the ethnic name used for black Tuaregs – said conditions in the camp were almost unbearable. He is one of the minority of internally displaced people living in official government accommodation, which he said was heavily overcrowded.
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