North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

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    September 19, 2005

    SouthAmerica: It is all over the news that North Korea has agreed to give up their nuclear weapons and nuclear program and they will let international inspectors back in the country.

    That means one of 2 things – 1) North Korea is close to an economic collapse or 2) They “never had the nuclear weapons” to start with - and they were bluffing. Otherwise they are just a bunch of fools.

    PS: Now, Japan will have a little more time to finish its nuclear weapons and they don’t have to be afraid and be worried of the non-existent North Korean nuclear weapons.

    If they really had the nuclear weapons the North Koreans would have tested at least one of them to show to the world that they were not kidding.

    What the North Koreans accomplished with this agreement is that they lose all their international credibility and return to be just a fourth-world country, an irrelevant and backward country – North Korea return to the 1950’s.

    The North Koreans did give a good scare to the United States in the meantime as long they were able to keep their "Bluffing" going on.

    Now we have two “Axis of Evil” that turned out to be the “Axis of Bluffing” – does anyone still believe that the Iranians are also close to building a nuclear weapon?


  2. How could North Koreans produce nuclear fuel, pass it trough enrichment process, develop centrifuges and build precision missiles, when they are still using donkeys for everyday's tasks, has always been quite a dilemma to me.
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    Ha - you should visit India and Pakistan.
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    You are an idiot.
  5. When the cries from the left were that N. Korea should be the country we should be invading, Bush said he wanted to keep negotiations going.

    When other libs said bilateral negotiations were necessary, as Kerry said he would do, Bush held fast on the Six-Party talks.

    Let's see how the Dims will spin this one.
  6. Yep, Kerry did know crap about foreign policies, he was taking the opposite view of GW on every single argument.
    The dems have proven that if neo-cons are wrong they themselves are dead wrong.

    Not much of a valid alternative, wasn't it?
  7. Quote from southamerica:


    PS: Now, Japan will have a little more time to finish its nuclear weapons and they don’t have to be afraid and be worried of the non-existent North Korean nuclear weapons.


    Ditto !!
  8. Yeah, I would love to see how they do this too....
  9. So, say what you want, but the neocons were "right" on this one.

    The funny part is that its probably the skyrocketing cost of oil that has shook out the north koreans most effectively - all these lovely war machines, and no gas to run them. Boo-Hoo. Go crunch on some US aid corn.

    Everyone loves to demonize people like Kissenger, but they serve a valuable function as patriots. Just be glad they're on YOUR side.

    Of course, its possible that it is just another saddam-style ruse to delay and hinder (considering that he ultimately turned up not to have any WMD, at least officially, why the protests?) and buy time to salvage the program. Time will tell.

    But the way it happened smacks of desperation on the North Koreans part and suggests that they may not be an important agitator in the future. I think there has been a mega-aid deal on the side going along with this to get this kind of reversal. Brokered by both the USA and China. The question is this - what did WE give China? Continued economic growth? Or Taiwan? (don't think we would just give it to them)

    Southamerica, your suggestion that Japan would get its own nuclear weapons is really doubtful. The only rationale would be fear of invasion in an aging population unable to defend themselves. But with the USA a defacto fixture in the country, why would they need their own bombs? They would rather just hide behind Uncle Sam and use his bombs instead. The proposition is pretty flaky, and if Japan were going to do it, they would do so openly, and the public outcry would be considerable. And Japan just participated in the nuclear proliferation security initiative.

    You need to do some more reading. That's not the first time I have told you that.
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