North Korea

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    How long before N. Korea gets wiped off the face of the earth?
  2. today :eek:
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    The concerned parties should set them up for a takeover by S. Korea somehow.
  4. I know quite a bit about this issue. I worked in Korea for almost 4 years and know the attitute of South Koreans in regard to their brothers up north.

    There is no way the south would invade the north simply because of Kim Jung Il's saber rattling. They would really have to be provoked.

    The south is completely ready for a peaceful reunion with the north but is very wary of force. They actually have rail stations that are not in service now but will be put in service if the north allows them to connect. They saw what happened in the first korean war and know the expense and horrors that would be incurred by such an affair. Their model is Germany. When it comes to unification they look to Germany to see what worked well and what did not work well. Even in a peaceful reunion they are worried about the expense to bring the north up to speed.

    As far as the attitude in North Korea, I cannot say. I obviously never visited.
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    While Obama prefers to use the 'speak softly and carry a big teleprompter' style of diplomacy, he decided that in the case of North Korea, he was prepared to respond to the threat with 'the strongest possible adjectives'.

    He will be 'really, really, really upset with North Korea if they don't halt their provocative actions.

    They have been warned. (Obama thinks)
  6. And what lasting progress has Bush achieved in respect of North Korea during his eight years in office, during which that country "tested" nuclear devices? Aside from grouping it into the Axis of Evil, of course.
  7. Aside from bombing North Korea neither Bush, Obama or anyone else could have changed the path they have taken.
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    How long till N. Korea gets utterly destroyed by bombs??
  9. Exactly.

    And don't forget about how IRAN has also been able to advance it's nuclear capabilities under 8 years of George Bush.

    Downright pathetic.