North Korea War

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  1. why do people short a market thinking a war with crash the market?

    listen the stock market is rigged's propped up by the fed

    rumors of war etc..even conflict with thousands dead won't crash the market ...

    war,terrrorism, disease etc won't have any effect in this rigged crime racket embezzlement scheme..the FED is the only new money into the market...the retail investor is broke and gone..and money is cashing out in mutual is out of the markets since 2009/2008 and wont' come back...

    even a nuclear war with american cities blowing up won't crash the market...that is how rigged this market is propped up...cause it's scam okay fundamentals don't matter.
  2. THere will be no war. North Korea just a small nation trying to get attention and money, cause they are totally broker, Almost eating each other.
  3. that is not the point..even if there was civil war...the market still won't crash..that is the point.

    even if new york city was blow un in nuclear attack ,,markets would just be halted..that is how rigged this market is..

    as for the war in north korea...yeah they have nukes and will use it to defend any US aggression..and for Iran they have nukes like pakistan..and will use the nukes to defend from any US or Saudi attacks.

    those are the rules of war..nukes will be used for defense..

    war is madness..and if the north korean generals go mad and have choice the nuke buttons will be used ---go out in blast.

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  5. Unlike North Korea, Iran don't possesses nuclear weapons yet. North Korea do have some nukes but they may not be ready to deliver it on the right target. If the US attack NK and NK use the Bomb in south Korea or japan (they don't have long range missile), then, the whole world will annihilate that country. So it's just cheap rhetoric. There's nothing worth in NK to justify an attack.

    On the other hand, Iran's Oil Exports May Dwindle To Zero By 2015. While Iran has the third- largest oil reserves in the world, its exports may be shrinking by 10 to 12 percent per year. The mullahs are doing a good job of destroying Iran's economy. They should be left alone to complete their work. Attacking Iran would allow the regime to escape responsibility for the economic disaster it created. Worse, an attack could unite Iran behind the clerical terror-sponsors whose grasp on power may be slipping. For these reasons, the best policy towards Iran may be to do nothing at all.

    Anyway, The US won't attack none of those countries anytime soon.
  6. Very simple. Go long.
  7. OP, taking every other variable out of the equation, a weaker dollar means it takes more dollars to purchase a stock at the same value - therefore the price goes up. A stronger dollar means it takes less dollars to purchase a stock at the same value - therefore the price goes down.

    Think of it in terms of oil (or any other commodity). If the price of oil is $50/bl and the dollar drops 10% then it would take $55 to buy same drum correct?

    When major geo-political issues happen people seek the Dollar/US Treasuries as a safe haven. When the Dollar is sought for safety it gets stronger, a stronger Dollar means more purchasing power and usually prices go down because of this.
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    Even if mankind is wiped out the trading bots will keep this rally going to infinity
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