North Korea Vows nuclear strikes, Battle ship sunk.

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  1. lol how can the NK sink an advanced Sk ship
  2. cstfx


    more likely fresh mines
  3. Well look how the VC chased out the more advanced Americans out of Vietnam.
  4. NK will probably nuke some country over the weekend. they won't touch their Korean relatives. That leaves Japan the primary target.
  5. Couldn't the U.S crater that place thousands of times over?

    These people are insane.
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    they could but that would be insane
  7. Actually they are, that is what makes them real dangerous. Look at Hitler, guy was crazy and even invaded the soviet union.

    The Crazies are the ones to worry about, they could care less about the repercussions.
  8. Well you'd only have to worry about them once.

    Hitler had a chance. These guys are in the wrong league.

    The same goes with Iran.
  9. Secret photo of North Korea training facility.

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