North Korea this week

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  1. They won't risk an in-flight failure or miss (T&T) with the BM25. The most likely scenario is another underground fission test at an increase in yield along with multiple short-range missile tests (not BM25 or TD2).

    Expect it to occur some time Tuesday (00:00 to 06:00 EDT).
  2. North Korea pattern is quite obvious.

    Threaten, obtain something, rinse and repeat.
  3. I love your calls ... (although he did guide for the 10th, right ? ) That reminds me of Rearden Metal; where did he ever go? This place was fun with him.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, the consensus is for Wed, not early Tuesday. Also most at State believe he will go for a BM25 but they can't risk egg on their face and will go with a nuke test and multiple short range missile tests.
  5. yea, but you're just saying he jumps the gun by something like 6 hrs. That is to be expected.
  6. More like 8-14 hours as they do daylight tests. I wouldn't bet on the time but on the method.
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    All answers to North Korean questions go through Beijing. NK is working on China's orders. :D
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    Pawns in a chess game, maybe.

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  9. "Speak of the devil, and he will appear" :D
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    They used to call it Extortion.
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