North Korea Nuke Test

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    Dec. 21, 2006 11:51
    S. Korean MP: N. Korea may be readying nuke test
    SEOUL, South Korea

    A South Korean lawmaker said Thursday that North Korea may be preparing to conduct a second nuclear weapon test, citing "brisk activity" at a suspected test site.

    The activity is part of a sizable engineering project, which Western intelligence authorities believe may be linked to preparations for another atomic test, Rep. Chung Hyung-keun of the main opposition Grand National Party said during a party meeting.

    Chung said the North could go ahead with an additional test if the six-nation talks on its nuclear program, now under way in Beijing, fail to produce progress, and international pressure mounts on the communist regime.

    The intelligence official-turned lawmaker made a similar claim last month. Chung didn't say where he obtained the information.