North Korea - Military Confrontation or Not?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. How will the issue with North Korea be resolved?

    Is the North's military too strong, the risk of massive civilian casualties too high, the possible intervention of China too risky, and the greatest unknown - the number of nukes the North possesses - too much for the US and any possible coalition to intervene militarily? Has the window of time passed for a military resolution?

    On the other hand, is diplomacy a realistic option when dealing with the regime of Kim Jong Il? Can the US and its allies afford to allow N. Korea the time to build (more?) intercontinental ballistic missiles?

    Your views please.
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    Is diplomacy [appeasement] a realistic option when dealing with the regime of G. W. Bush´s born-again imperialists ? Can the international community afford to allow the U. S. time to build more weapons of mass destruction [nukes, MOABs, Daisy Cutters, cluster bombs, landmines etc.] and intercontinental ballistic missiles?

    Your views please.
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    Kim's method of government is undoubtedly brutal, dictatorial, and based on fear. Calling it a regime or not won't change that at all.

    So I'm sorry about the semantics if that was bothering you, but I don't feel it would make a difference in the poll.
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