North Korea going bonkers and Obama presidency, any correlation?

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  1. I realize N. Korea has been defiant and what not for years but the rhetoric has reach astronomical heights with what seems to be blatant disregard for any possible US actions.

    Basically they are saying "we are developing a nuclear bomb and we might decide to use it, so stick that up your ass US and whoever else.

    I never heard this during the bush years.

    Is this because Obama is looked at as a pussy? No fear.
  2. north korea is chinas n russias problem,,let them spend the money to take care of em,, why is it our problem.
    We have spent so much wealth protecting the world when they take the funds and spend it instead on there citizens,,screw em
  3. Korea huffed and puffed,and Clinton gave them aid.Bush tried to take a hard line against Korea,Korea huffed and puffed and detonated some bombs,then Bushed agreed to give them aid.Obama came into office,Korea huffed and puffed,detonated some bombs,And Obama told them to go fuck themselves.Korea said if any more sanctions were passed against them they would take it as a act of war,Resolutions were passed headed by the US and Korea has done nothing but make more threats.Korea can blow up all the bombs that they want to in Korea,But they know better then to sell them or use them against a US ally.Unlike Bush and Clinton,Obama has called their bluff and all they will do is keep huffing and puffing and making threats
  4. Do you think that Korea developed their nuclear bombs in the last 6 months?

    They were developed during Clinton's and Bush's terms,Mostly during Bush's term
  5. I find what you say hard to believe, sounds more like just Obama worshiping.

    "But they know better then to sell them"

    no they really don't know that, but they do know america huffs and puffs alot too, they know being china's bitch, they have china's support, and so they not only sell the bombs but also the technology to produce those bombs
  6. Its nice to see you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It is not China's and Russia's problem because they are not going to try to mess with China or Russia. If they do anything it will be against South Korea or Japan, both countries are close US allies.
  7. Its not Korea. It is North Korea. Have you ever made a post that actually makes sense?
  8. I didn't feel like spelling North.I figured the people on here would know who I was referring to
  9. The US is not Chinas bitch,we owe them money but if we stop buying their products they are fucked.We are superior to them militarily and our Navy can quickly cut off their oil supplies which would quickly shut down their country

    Yes they do know better then to sell nuclear material.The source of all nuclear material can be traced and if a nuclear bomb were to be used that originated in Korea they know they would face the full might of The US and would no longer have any Chinese or Russian support

    Korea said that if the UN passed any more sanctions they would treat it as a act or war and retaliate,wheres the retaliation ?All Korea will do is continue to make threats and hope that Obama pays them off like Bush and Clinton did
  10. Didn't take Obama and that other fool Hillary long to fuck up things with North Korea.

    Obama is the most incompetent President we have ever had and is an embarrassment.
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