North Korea Extravaganza!

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  1. Welcome to North Korea. I recommend watching this series. Empty streets, empty hotels, empty buildings and traffic directors standing in the middle directing ghost traffic.

    Friends of Kim, Watch as a bunch of DPRK lovers go on a pro tour and several members get schooled in the reality. Interestingly enough it is always the rich and well off who seem to kiss ass to these kinds of regime.

    Under Cover in North Korea.

    In North Korea there is only 1 TV channel that airs for 5 hours a day and it is all stories of the "Dear leader"

    Every home has a loudspeaker that you cannot turn off, only lower the volume a little so you are forced to hear the "Dear leaders" rants and ramblings all day all night.

    In the city there is a "Workers siren" that wakes everyone up at the same time.

    All rooms are bugged.
  2. But everyone has access to state run healthcare so who cares?