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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by ElectricSavant, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Has anybody used this Forex dealer?

    any horror stories?

    I know, I know...they are in Cypress without CFTC and NFA..(pay your taxes traders...just forget it)

    I know, I know their IB in the states has a dot biz address and they accept Egold...

    the deal is they are an MT4 dealer with a 55 pair feed!
  2. I am interested too, I just found this thread doing a search here for them.

    EDIT: I am interested in their,

  3. ES- If you trade with any MT4 "broker" keep small amounts of money there. I would move your profits out weekly to other places you can trade those pairs while keeping just enough to manage your other trades at that broker. And yes you can assume with any MT4 broker the word "bucket" can be used. Good luck and great job with your system!

    EDIT: I know that SAXO BANK has some bad reviews out about them but they seem a little safer than NF and offer 110 pairs. There are of course many other brokers that offer the crazy pairs you like :) ... I don't know how you look at all those charts... Looks like abstract art to me.
  4. HeHe crack me up:)

    It all about the hunt for Virgins...

    Traders... keep your daughters at home...

  5. Forget Saxo. I just looked at one of the brokers I use and they have 80 pairs. ODL Securities also has a good rep. among traders. Good Luck ES!