North Carolina Dem Proposes Background Check For Dog Ownership

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    A North Carolina lawmaker says he was caught off guard by the angry responses he got to a bill that would require the owners of pit bulls, mastiffs and Rottweilers and other large breeds to undergo criminal background checks.

    Rep. Rodney Moore, a Charlotte Democrat who sponsored the bill, tells Law Blog that his office got thousands of emails from people protesting the plan. Many of them were from pit bull owners who attached photos of their dogs looking cute and “passive,” he said.

    The legislation died in committee. “I’ve been inundated,” said Mr. Moore. “It’s a good idea, but maybe the language was kind of harsh.” He said he would get stakeholders together to talk about animal-safety issues.

    “This is not a state where you can mess with people’s dogs,” one legislative aide told Law Blog.

    The background check bill would have applied to owners of breeds designated as “aggressive.” And the owners would have had to take at least four hours of training courses. They also would have had to pay to apply for a special “aggressive dog” permit from the state’s insurance department.

    “There needs to be some kind of accountability,” Mr. Moore told WRAL-TV last week. “A lot of people breed them the wrong way. You have very harsh incidents of these dogs maiming children, maiming older folks, and sometimes even turning on their owner.”

    Mr. Moore said he wasn’t sure that the breeds designated by the bill as aggressive are ones “with the most incidents,” but he said they “were the most prevalent by the feedback that I’ve gotten,” according to WRAL.

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    What an ass hat. Hopefully the guy will be remembered for this act of stupidity and forced out next go round.
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    Remember how thse bozos on the left laughed, and called people on the right paranoid when people said gun control was a slippery slope?

    The fact of the matter is liberals want to control every aspect of our lives and if given the opportunity, they would do it.
  4. How about a background check to register to vote?
  5. I have to disagree here. There's no Second Amendment right to own a pit bull.

    The fact is a lot of insecure dirtbags have these dogs and either don't keep them in check or allow them to run loose. You have a couple of them in your neighborhood, you can't let the kids out or go for a run. You never know when a pack of pitbulls or rottweilers might attack. It's not a joke. They have killed a lot of people.

    You can say, well most of them are not aggressive or it's the owners' fault. That's all true, but the problem owners are not the sort of people who are going to respond to polite requests or visits from Animal Control.

    I don't have anything against dogs, but my experience has been dog owners are the most self-absorbed, selfish people in the world.
  6. I don't get why this seems to be a problem. It's a perfect example of what problems having a handgun would easily solve.
  7. EPIC :D
  8. Well, it would be except the neighbors also generally frown on sending little kids out packing a glock 17.
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    Glock makes smaller models you know.
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    And destroy the democratic party overnight?
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