North and South Korea near War!

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    Play Video North Korea Video: North Korea tears up agreements BBC Play Video North Korea Video: Obama blamed for Korean split Reuters Play Video North Korea Video: North Korea cuts ties with South Reuters SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea warned Sunday that South Korea's confrontational policies may trigger a war on the divided peninsula, a message coming two days after the communist country vowed to abandon all peace agreements with its southern neighbor.

    Relations between the two Koreas have been strained since conservative President Lee Myung-bak took office nearly a year ago in Seoul, pledging to take a harder line on the North. Tension heightened Friday when the North said it was ditching a nonaggression pact and all other peace accords with South Korea.

    The tension may lead to "an unavoidable military conflict and a war," North Korea's main Rodong Sinmun newspaper said in a commentary carried Sunday by the country's official Korean Central News Agency.

    "The policy of confrontation" by the South Korean government is "the very source of military conflicts and war" between the Koreas, it said.

    The North has accused Lee's government of preparing to stage a war, which South Korea denies. Earlier this month, the North's military declared it adopted an "all-out confrontational posture" to defeat any southern aggression.

    In its Friday statement, the North said it would no longer respect a disputed sea border with the South on the west of the peninsula, raising the prospect for a new armed clash in the area — already the scene of bloody naval skirmishes in 1999 and 2002.

    President Lee sought to downplay the statement and called it "not unusual." He indicated his government will wait until the North is ready for talks in good faith.

    A South Korean Defense Ministry official said Sunday that the country's navy remains on alert along the western sea border. The official — speaking on condition of anonymity citing department policy — said the ministry has not detected any unusual movements of the North Korean military.

    The two Koreas technically remain at war because their three-year conflict ended in 1953 with a truce, not a peace treaty. The peninsula remains divided by a heavily fortified border, with tens of thousands of troops stationed on both sides.
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    Hate to say this,

    But this may be our only Economic Savior.

    Since our Political Masters of the Universe can't figure any other way to get out of severe economic crises!!!
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    Its all bluster. China will not allow NK to start a war and bring a refugee problem to its border especially with the economy now.
  4. I thought they already had an NK refugee problem.
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    Sadly I agree, and so would anyone who has studied economic history. The Democrats right now are hoping to spend our way out of bad situation that we are in because we overspent! Historically the way out of depression has been war, and I'm not talking about the little pee shooter contests going on right now in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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    Yeh, when the Russians agree with our Political/Military policies, such as those in Afghanistan, somethings BREWING BIG.

    As an ex-military person, I recommended to my nephews to get their acts together or they'll be drafted, I'm pretty sure that's what it'll take in this war.

    And another thing bothering me is Obama's apparent acceptance of the Club of Romes Limited to No Economic Growth policies and this administrations announcement that more than two children per couple is SELFISH?????

    What a crying shame.
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    So let's attack Iran and Korea. Bush should have done so already. He turned into a pussy at the end with too many vacations.

    I am afraid that Obama does not have the balls to step up to plate, but hopefully he proves me wrong.
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    By no means am I for war or killing people; however, enough of their crap.

    But I have to say this!!!

    As Americans:

    When Saddam attempted the assassination of Bush senior, no matter how much you disagreed with his policies or even if you hated him, as Americans, we should have all boarded an international flight to Pakistan, rented cars, vans, and trucks, bought weapons from the CIA or whoever, and HUNG that SOB Saddam in the middle of Iraq's Square.

    And if anybody protested, do the same to them.

    Nobody, I mean, NOBODY messes with our PRESIDENT or any other douche we elect to represent us. Regardless of how much of a douche bag she/he is or was.
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    you're obviously someone who has taken zero interest in intl politics over, say, the past 50 years.

    N Korea is the biggest paper tiger in history. they can't take a piss without the approval of China.

    they rattle their sabres whenever they want to send a message that they're still relevant (this timing is due to the new admin in the US).

    btw, nice sensationalist headline...
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    How many wars do you think we could win at once? 2 now, you want 4? Besides I was in the army in the infantry and we had guys go a year rotation to Korea. They were right on the line. One common theme from them. No way could we stop an attack from North Korea. They have such a large military vs our presence there, we would be steamrolled. It would be amazing if anyone could retreat and make it out alive. We would have to invade after all of Korea was taken.

    And what would be the point of any of it? We have leverage. The leadership knows if they start something they die. Why involve huge armies? There is no point.
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