North American Unemployment

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  1. clacy


    I'm not sure why everyone is so worried about a little dollar devaluation when we are a net importer. This doesn't seem like the end of the world to me.
  2. Ever heard of the birth/death model?

    Or wait, you're every bit as much of a duplicitous, hypocritical bureaucrat who parades around headline numbers, but never re-appears when they are INEVITABLE redacted and restated months later.

    Inflate away, right? That'll cure everything.
  3. mahadiga


    Damn outsourcing viz Chindia is destroying American Dream and Confidence.
  4. USD devaluation is great for North America.

    For the USA - exports are more attractive, debt is easier to pay down

    For Canada - any pickup in economic activity in the USA benefits us. The hit exporters take from a higher CAD would undoubtedly be offset by increased economic activity in the USA
  5. Your arguing about insignificant, immaterial points. The exact numbers are irrelevant. The point is, employment is INCREASING not DECREASING.

    And please check your facts before posting, September's numbers were revised BETTER than previously reported...

    It's quite suprising to me how some bears can take positive news such as 151,000 jobs being created and somehow think this is a negative...