Nortel Networks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by c_verm, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. c_verm


    Wow I must say this stock had an explosive Breakout on wednesday continuing the move today.

    Every Canadian must be loving this stock again. haha
  2. lindq


    NT is a real tough call right now, IMO. I made a lucky call and this one trade has paid for my month, but the question is whether to fold with the profits or hold for the longer run. As the great majority of my trades are short term pullbacks, I always like to have a few in my account that I can ride for a while in this strong market, and I think I'll stay with NT. They're well positioned in a number of strong telecom areas.

    Strong and telecom? Never thought I'd use those two words in the same sentence again.

    And yes, I'm sure folks in Ontario are feeling better...except those that bought in the 80s and are still holding.:mad:
  3. c_verm


    NT was a great two day breakout play. The doji in todays chart on higher volume was enought to take me out of the play. I mainly focus on short term breakouts.

    The market is really getting over bought. I will still be playing upside moves but locking in profits at first sign of weakness on my plays.
  4. kowboy


    How do you scan for your picks? If you would care to share.
  5. Congrats!

  6. LU is broke out this week too. Looks like money is going into the telecom sector. Damn I wish I would have bought those jan ITM call last week!! :mad: Oh well.