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  1. Hey guys, I'm back.

    What happened, you may ask? I went through an ugly, ugly, ugly separation and divorce in 2011 which continues to this day. In the meantime though, I managed to work at a prominent hedge fund which was pretty cool. I fucked it up though, otherwise I could have been making 3/4 million/year by now just jerking off.

    I'm back to software consulting and though I'm not making as much money as I was before, it's still good enough for me to give this another shot.

    This time though, I'm going to use all my smarts! The computering, the statistics, etc. No discretionary trading. I read over my previous journal and I continuously stated that it was too easy to screw up with human intervention. I guess this was one thing I learned at the hedge fund: humans are dumb.

    While educating myself on the state of the art using Quantopian's lecture series[1], the plan is to read what others are doing successfully in terms of developing an edge and see if I can systemize that process.

    This journal will initially cover my thought process on which approach I will take to try and create an edge, testing it and hopefully eventually taking it live.

    I will likely start with Quantopian because the platform is pretty nice, but it doesn't support futures or fixed income, which is unfortunate. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Wish me luck (again)

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  2. Welcome back! Good luck!
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  3. Good luck!

    Any advice for non-quants or would-be quants?

    A post about your experience at this hedgefund, either here or as a separate thread, would be interesting.
  4. I can't provide any advice for non-quants or would-be quants because I am not good enough to say that I am a quant. The only thing I can say is that you must be ready to learn and be humbled at all times.

    The TL;DR of my time at the hedge fund is: systemize, systemize, systemize. Remove ALL emotion, humanity, discretion from the equation. Systemize not just your trading, but how you deal with each other and test your ideas.

    Our "traders" were people who just watched screens while the coders did the real work. I read recently that programmers will need to register as securities traders soon. This is the reality right now.
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  5. You might find my blog useful

    Happy to help by answering specific questions if I can. Good luck.

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  6. Overnight


    From an early line in that blog...A "4 tuple"? Don't you mean a "quadruple?"
  7. i960


  8. Apologise then.

    I've always used the phrase 'N-tuple' so '1-tuple... 4-tuple... 6-tuple" etc. To me this is quicker than saying say "double tuple" and clearer than saying just "double" (which in my head translates to a floating point representation even though I haven't used a language with a double type in years)

    I note in passing that this is probably the geekiest argument I've ever had on ET :cool:

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    In no way is it an argument, just a discussion. The true geeky details of many bits on this forum could be argued for Knuth up-arrow notations of time. Teehee.
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