Noobs Are Definitely Getting Smarter

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  1. ET is a valuable resource for many reasons, trading advice not being one of them. ET is useful chiefly as a barometer of trends in our indubitably dubious subculture. In this case of decreasing noobpidity. I submit as proof that:

    No new "Trade and Grow Rich!" books have been hawked here for months

    No noob has publicly fallen victim to Jack's siren song recently

    Most of my new threads are greeted by scornful stony silence or rudely raucous abuse

    Sponsor ads seem to assume that ETer's are not TOTALLY stupid

    The enduring popularity of Daily Hotties vice actual trading threads suggests that ET increasingly values pussy over money and has become the premier site on the web to come to for soft porn.

    Perhaps you can add more supporting observations.

    Of course there is the possibility that potential noobs are so smart about trading that they don't even become noobs.
  2. Or perhaps they are so over-awed by the majesty of it all they simply (cyber) stand there in (cyber) silence. :)
  3. Lethn


    All I will say is this, never underestimate or piss off the younger generation.
  4. *Sigh*

    The end of an era. For now.
  5. Lethn (so por he cannt affrd a secnd vowl in his handl) wears his or her youth like a kick-me sign. Not all noobs are noobile. Some of us are quite eiderly.
  6. Banjo


    It's well known among the cognoscenti that we will spend our entire lives chasing money and pussy. If you don't know this then you are simply a pawn in the great game to be used by the cognoscenti to further their own ends.
    Let's give this statement a cursory examination. With the exception of the random pimp and various renditions of pimpeteering no man acquires pussy in order to acquire money. Men acquire money in order to acquire ever superior gradients of pussy. Many times as money is acquired the lesser grades of pussy are discarded for the more amply rated scorers in the game. This is impossible to overcome and always will be beyond the control of mere mortals as it's nature, the larger reality we are a small part of, at work. It satisfies two objectives. The fear of the point of perception we are , we thrust our spawn into the future so we don't have to accept our own end of days with absolute finality and of course, the survival of the species , which insures a three dimensional , experience rich enviroment for the spirit to come play and learn in.
    There you have it , now you know everything. There won't be a test, you are living it and get to grade yourself. You'll feel it when it's time for the final exam.
  7. M. Taon, there may yet be hope. I notice of late (or of early) an increasing number of new imposters whose tentative language and paucity of prose suggest non-Anguish speakers spreading their wangs. I think fresh noobpidity may lurk therein. Of course inability to use definite or indefinite articles does not always equate to iggorance. Perhaps our hapless sponsors should cater to this audience: "You make good moneys trade forex us! Show trick of trade!" More like trade of trick.
  8. Banjob, I am humbugged. I cuntn't have said it more cynically. Women will always triumph because they own fifty percent of the wealth and one huindred percent of the pussy. We men are but houndogs forever sniffing it out hoping to trade a bone for it.
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    Always play to the audience, it's a rule of survival, There's a reason Batman outsells Keats and Shelly.
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    More like I'm cool and imaginative enough not to need a second name in my handle nublet :p
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