Noobie Wheat tick size question

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  1. CME says KW trades in 1/8th ticks for $6.25. But when I trade it at Schwab I am only given 1/4 cent quote options, such as 536.00, 536.25, 536.75. So, If I scalp a tick is it two-eights? If so, where does one see a one-eighths tick?
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    It does trade at 1/4th of a cent, as per CME:
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    No 1/8th, only 1/4.

    4 ticks (quarters) to 1 point.

    Interesting that the US is probably the only country that still deals in non-metric, quarters, pounds, ounces and so on. Takes a generation to change, it should start to change. The world for example says what the hell is a 16 oz drink!

    Having said that, weight in pounds is an excellent way to measure, very precise. As in 280 out of Notre Dame. Sound better than 127 KG out of Notre Dame!
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    It is probably because of the US farmers and US bonds/notes traders.
    they are used to 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/32, 1/32/8 ....
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    Had no idea that there were so many experts on wheat on ET. Here is the skinny - If you like bread and pizza - wheat is good.