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  1. Hi, all. Just joined the forum yesterday. I've been playing around with paper trading futures (/6N, /ZW, etc), usually trading just one contract with my fake $10k account. If/when I decide to ever move real $$ into my account, is it possible to trade just one contract if the signs all look good to me? For example, I went long on /6N recently, and it worked out. I was wishing I'd done it with real money!! Is that all there is to it?

    Thanks for any tips.
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  2. dangkevin


    You can trade as many contract as you want. If you are new, I would look at MES and MNQ. Trade small first to build your confident.
  3. RedDuke


    Yes you can trade just 1 contract. Your ability to trade more depends on the margin. Check with you broker.
  4. Thanks, all. Is there anything different with futures as opposed to stocks that I need to be aware of? I know futures contracts have an expiration, but since I'm planning on swing trading these, maybe that doesn't matter? Thanks again.
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    Yep, that's all there is to it....pick the red Ferrari.
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    Futures have no day trading rule, buy and sell as much as you want. Contract expire every 3 months. More fun to trade than stocks except when you lose money.
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    Biggest difference is you can lose a lot more money than you put at risk due to margin. Read up on futures margins/leverage. You can buy an ES contract for ~$500....but you can lose a great deal more.
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    It does only close to expiration. Just load next contract and once volume about the same just start trading new one.

    Futures are traded in a single exchange to you do not have that whole crap with 50 exchanges and hft
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    If you are afraid to take on too much leverage, you can ask your futures broker to set the lots to ONE only.
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  10. %% LOL;
    actually that's all there is to a sim account, But a simulated polar bear + simulated bull elephant =big difference between those+ real animals/markets.:D:D:D:D:D :caution::caution: I like the way IBKR does it- in the unlikely event of a margin call/situation-they simply auto liquidate /sell. Bad fills usually but a bank doing an auto repo gets a bad fill, but quick price...….
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