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Discussion in 'Options' started by blaqpoet, Oct 14, 2007.

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    I've been reading about stock & forex trading for since late 2005. I have US$1000 that I'd like to trade with. Where should I start and which broker, if any, should I go with. This is for stock trading BTW and not currency trading.
  2. Wait until you have more money. If you've only saved $1k in the past two years you'll sh/t yourself when you make a bad trade, which you will do.
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    Start paper-trading until you can round up more cash, $1000 is useless.
  4. Good advice given. If you start with 5k or more, you might be able to make money. Under 2500 and your donation to the market with be greatly appreciated. :D
  5. I admirer your interest in the markets and your honesty with what you have to trade with, however it will take a commitment most people will not want to do, if you have 1,000 to invest and want to learn about the markets here what I would do knowing now what I know, take the 1,000.00 and put it into a mutual fund and diversify it, I know boring, but while it is in there you now have planted the seed, you have money in the market> you now have a vested interest to learn about the markets.

    Please do that for your self before trying to trade with that amount of money or any amount, then you can get all the books out there on investing or trading all the while you money is in the market working for you.

    Oh and if you are young even better you may want to add to your fund later as well as try to trade with a small account but only after you have done simulated trading for a good amount of time and feel comfortable with taking real trades.

    I have been trading for almost 10 years, every day and boy did I learn the hard way, take the easy road, there are a lot less bumps> LOL

    I have actually done some videos on trading on you tube if you want to watch here is a link.