NOOB breaks the 1,000,000$ NAV mark!!

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  1. as of End of day today. liquid net worth 1M. and will also pay off mortgage 100% tomorrow will transfer funds. house paid. deed in a few weeks from what I was told.

    Its kind of an odd feeling. I have always been careful with investing and saving.
  2. Congrats, what's your story?
  3. Well parents left communist cuba they lost everything they had there, I was born here in US into poverty(1973). parents worked like dogs, I was homeless for 3 weeks in living around in a station wagon moving to different relatives home. started working 13 to help family out and went to school. (first investment, some silver and some EE bonds at 16)

    Never went to college did not have the luxury, I do wish I had the opportunity to have experienced college life with the fraternities etc.. seems like it would have been fun.

    started a small business then cashed out, then started trading my own capital.

    Poverty leaves a hidden scar, I never wanted to be poor again. So I lived below my means, never got into debt, saved and worked hard and invested wisely my own capital.
  4. So you're more of an investor then?
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    What did you start with,your initial cap and how long it took?
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    did you borrow against it ,says here you finished paying the house in 08
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  8. Initial capital was 350K
    Yes I borrowed against the home and added to my AUM.

    It was a risky venture but 2009 offered an opportunity to make real good money but I did not want to risk margin calls trading options/going long the equities (SPY and IWM)

    It took 12 1/2 years to get to 1M

    It was not easy and you had to hold your nose and get in when the markets really took big dives.

    Primarily trading short options (IWM/SPY) sometimes but rarely long options for hedging. and going long the stock cheap.

    Now just lay low and take it easy, live below your means.
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    Great job, congrats. Now you just have to not get greedy, keep the bulk of your capital safe, and make enough to live month to month.
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