Nonsensical banning.

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  1. I've come to understand that ART was banned for being annoying in the Chat room and because some people 'complained' about him.


    I guess it wasn't possible to ban him solely from the Chatroom, or to simply kindly ask that he not post to it....:confused:

    So that leaves us with banning him because 'people' complained about him. That's just fantastic.

    I'll be the first to admit I found him annoying and that taking part in debates with him requires the patience of a saint, but banning him for it? Nonsense.

    So, I wonder, what was the nature of the complaints? He certainly didn't use profanity or 'shadow' anyone and make a nuisance of himself that way. So I'm left thinking the only reason he was banned was because of the content of his posts. And if that's the case, there's hardly any need to point how absolutely ridiculous that is.

    Anybody 'celebrating' his banning is due for a long, hard look at himself.
  2. nitro


    What is really paradoxical is, take a look at the chatroom log from today.

    There are a bunch of newbies that were all claiming they took all kinds of money from the market during the FED announcement. What a joke.

    These were probably the same people that wanted ART gone because if he were there, it would have been non-stop berrating of these obvious impostors.

    I do not like that part either, but geeez, given the choice between ART and these impostors, I find it hard to choose.

    nitro :(
  3. I can understand some of the complaints that led to this banning- ART could be positively brutal and not let go of his target.

    Nevertheless, he had one of the best developed BS sensors of anyone here and overall IMO the chartroom was better and more sober for it. Douglas' early stage traders (gambling high) or those just beginning to lose and looking towards fixes through different markets, gurus or systems seemed to be his primary target.


    While I can't speak for him, these were the traders who in one form or another strutted into the chatroom talking sh*t.

    And like Nitro pointed out, one day without him the chatroom rapidly becomes a ridiculous dick swinging show.
  4. With all do respect, this web site is privately owned and operated. As such, it is a privilege and not a right for someone to remain a member. If any one member unnecessarily detracts from the experience of many other members, Baron has the right to ban that person.

    It is analogous to inviting someone to your house for a party and, after that person has consumed mass quantities of beer, starts acting crazy and screaming profanities. After you ask them to please stop and behave, if they persist then you have the right to show them the door.

    I've seen a lot of tolerance given to users, so if someone gets banned, I'm sure there was a very good reason.
  5. You weren't there that fateful day... I WAS. BARON entered chatroom and admonished us all for the complaints he's been receiving about bad behaviour in the Chat. ART started to give BARON a ration of sh*t, he just wouldn't let it go; that's when BARON banned him. If ART would have kept his mouth shut and take the admonishment like a man he'd still be here. But you know ART...

    As for Galt(aka GANN) he kept fooling around talking about his "boner" after BARON said knock it off so he went too.

    That's what really happened that fateful day... and I don't believe BARON had intentions to ban them right off but they wouldn't keep their mouths shut..

    I don't think you can blame BARON for this, he had good reason.

  6. You know your arrogance is really amazing at times... you think no one makes money but you nitro. Everyone a newbie but you right? Everyone lies about their PNL but you right? There should be a pic of you in dictionary under "arrogance" :-\
  7. oh btw I am not celebrating but certainly not lamenting his departure either :D
  8. Baron

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    This is precisely what happened. I have nothing else to add.
  9. Ah, then apologies are in order. I wasn't aware. (I did ask though!) Completely understandable.
  10. I heard ART is back> Is it true?
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