NonFarm Payrolls Forecast at -868 000 Jobs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by plugger, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. IluvVol


    Maybe you can show all of us where the fx market moved on those rumors? I dont see it. Are you looking at the Turkish Lira/Thai Baht currency cross or what?????

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  2. wavel


    Beans upon toast? Why not extend to the holy grail of healthy English cuisine which is ofcourse, beans and sausages on toast with finely grated matured chedder cheese sprinkled over the top. :)
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  3. IluvVol


    yeah you are really full of much more stupidity are you displaying, mate? Is there no way ET can ban guys like him? gee....does your paper trading account at least really feel the pain?

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  4. It's quite obvious, so question is really what you're looking at (see the attached chart of US trade-weighted spot).
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  5. IluvVol


    trading cash fx and fx options very actively myself I dont consider .60 points in DYX a reaction to such rumors. When I talked to some broker at UBS later he mentioned it was simply a larger player prepositioning himself nothing more. As we all knew by Friday close this was not the smartest move and I believe that the USD may exhibit some more strength into next week. Where else to move your money?

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