NonFarm Payrolls Forecast at -868 000 Jobs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by plugger, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. ElCubano


    technically, he was correct in saying that all his closing trades where bring that mo-fo back and bust out ET's finest meats and cheeses.....
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  2. wavel


    All this talk of meat and cheese is making me feel very hungry.

    However, imagine how rich all those economists who correctly predicted the economic data are now. :D
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  3. ET doesn't have meat. Just cheese and whine :)
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  4. Dining on the those very finest meats and cheeses as we speak, perhaps? Speaking of which, Cheese Futures anyone? Should go float this to the Merc, see what they say...
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  5. wavel


    Not just at this moment my friend, however I'm feeling quite partial to a couple of slices of cheese on toast, which in England is considered as somewhat of a delicacy for the impoverished. :)
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  6. Wait a sec, seeing as how I am a resident of Ye Olde Great Britain meself, you can't slip these sorts of things past me :) . It's beans on toast for us proles, n'est ce pas?
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  7. If GM goes BK, which looks more and more likely, unemployment will jump to a monthly million plus in a blink. Chrysler will go down immediately afterwards. The steel industry will suffer mass layoffs while GM restructures itself. I suspect unemployment will reach 12% by years end under that scenario.
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  8. Not a bad number . Could have been much worse. The economy seems to have found a bottom.
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  9. TGregg


    No longer content to be dead wrong on the markets, ST3 is now eager to branch out his throughtlessness to economic indicaters as well.
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