NonFarm Payrolls Forecast at -868 000 Jobs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by plugger, Mar 5, 2009.

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  3. Don't thank me... Thank him.

    It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Macro Man! :)
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  5. Meats and Cheeses, you say? Like Wallace says, I do fancy a bit of Gorgonzola... So, upon reflection, pls feel free to thank me, as well, Ivan.
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  6. It was actually a play on Mr. Market from the old days of ET. This maniac used to come on the site and brag that he never lost a trade, and that he was HUGE and we should all send him our finest meats and cheeses.

    Ah yes, here is the site:

    It's good for a laugh.
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  7. The true number is well over a million and has been for several months. Using the governments version of new math I'd say anything less than a loss of 750K will be seen as expected and will have little impact on the market.
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  8. wavel


    Ahhh economic statistics, coming to a circus near you in just over 10 minutes.
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  9. Probably 730000 and "unrealistic unemployment rate" 7.9+.

    Will trade as the market dictates...up and down.
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  10. Loss of 651K for now, certainly to be revised nest month judging from the history of revisions. Will probably show 730K or so when revised. What this means is GDP for Q1 will approach double digits.
    The manipulators will have to work overtime re-setting the earning expectations to a much lower level. At some point I expect they'll set them so low that a single sale will show improvement.
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