Nonfarm payroll 345,000 job loss

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  1. How did we have a spike of 0.5% in unemployment rate and only 345k job loss? That makes so much sense.
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  3. what they didnt tell you was they added in 220k jobs from the birth / death model.

    strange in a contracting economy their model is adding jobs.

    another govt bls load of bullshit
  4. If you dig into these numbers, there's some seriously manufactured bullshit. The currency market wasn't fooled - or rather, it was fooled for about 10 minutes.

    edit: Look at the mining and nat resource jobs...holy crap.
  5. link?
  6. We have consistent + 500k job loss and 0.4% spike in unemployment the last few months. So if we only have 345k job losses this month and a 0.5% spike - it can only mean that the employment force is shrinking.
  7. Link? Read the report, dude.
  8. No one is hiring?
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    My thoughts exactly. Something funny with the numbers. Wonder if the market will be fooled.
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