None dare call it conspiracy

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  1. Reading this book at the moment (None dare call it conspiracy) and while I dont normally subscribe to conspiracy theories this one seems to have legs... the international bankers (super rich families, Morgan, Rothschilde, Rockefeller) bankrolling war by lending to governments, dictators, kings, sometimes both sides as the Rothschildes did in WW2.... sending kids off to war so they can make a buck on their blood, sometimes instigating the wars by who they lend to and control of central banking... and if a government doesn't play along they threaten to bankroll their enemy... these guys are supposed to be the elite of the elite... and they are just another bunch of thugs... kinda depressing
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    You will find you are in good company here at I direct your attention to the "Chit Chat" forum where you will find many like minded people. If you do a search you can find enlightening past discussions on the following conspiracies:

    The moon landing
    Hurricane Katrina and the levees
    Dick Cheney (numerous)
    Bush (both father and son, again numerous)

    and many, many more.

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  3. Actually I'm not sure it even qualifies as a conspiracy when everything I posted above is historical fact... I mean thats what international bankers do... it was fascinating though when the author asked the question how do you secure a half trillion dollar loan to a government, what is there to stop them from telling you to go screw yourself or you'll have them assasinated?.. just like in business when a bank loand an enormous sum to a company they get a seat on the board and someone from that bank has a say in how you run the company.... now tell me what America's current account is ($ -646,500,000,000)... then tell me who is running the country?
  4. It's always been like this. You don't even need to look any farther than our current VP Dick Cheney.